Digital discourse, Nigerian elections and  tribal affairs- Who are you and Why are you?

Digital discourse, Nigerian elections and tribal affairs- Who are you and Why are you?

In recent months, Great Britain has had a rather tumultuous time. For me the biggest surprise was the resignation of the Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon before I acclimatised to the resignation of the New zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern Politics has never ever been my strongest point, but I felt these two women were representative of the need for women to have meaningful seats in places where it matters. In other british politics, It has felt like there is hope for meaningful intersectionality in leadership of Britain, although I suspect that if anything goes awry with the current PM’s tenure, the brays will inevitably become racial and everything will be reduced to heritage. That said, I am British, as much as I am permitted to be given the persistence of questions like “ but where are you originally from” and the old age “where did your people come from” , which we know are not politically correct but then again, why rob...
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Radishes and pumpkin soup

One of the areas of academic work that many forget to acknowledge is downtime and the benefits of learning through downtime. I have enthusiastically attempted to cultivate african vegetables over the years and my success is nowhere near celebrity gardens but I daresay somewhat good considering one cannot plant and walk away. My poly tunnel is my quiet space and all too often I find myself in the back yard fiddling with the plants trying to keep things in tip top shape and sometimes mourning the death of something that was looking quite sprightly until unfriendly friendly bugs thought they would have a go first. But back to the radishes,.... well I planted them, and as sprouted I forgot to check the guide and I gave them the best love till they went to flower, so now I have radish seed pods but no radishes. Well that is not the goal of this post, the key goal was to highlight my...
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